Certificate Translation Services

Certificate Translation Services

Certified  Translation

Nowadays, with bureaucracy developed in the frame of globalization, immigrants and immigrant policy, different social and financial structure of countries that have changed according to general evolution thus reinforcing bureaucracy, the need for translation of certificates is bigger more than ever.

Diplomas of Universities, birth certificates, marriage certificates between foreigners, visas and certificates of immigrants of any kind, and in different languages, should be done carefully, as this kind of documents require specific vocabulary and appropriate terminology, based usually on legal and financial terms.
 For this reason, translation companies, must choose the right translator each time they have such translation. The selected translator, should have good knowledge of terms required, and know how to use these terms in certificates, within a legal translation, mostly. Furthermore translator must be careful for not missing anything, as these are official state documents that some times require certified translator. So better certified translators are chosen for this case, even if a document does not require stamp.
 A certified translator know better how to use terms, and any translator, if not certified in all cases should be careful, as said above not to miss anything on lines, translate even names properly, not change what shouldn’t be changed, translate with accuracy and precision, as this kind of work is very responsible dealing with state official documents usually..
Translators chosen should better have a degree in Law, and preferably be native speaker of target language. On the other side, agencies must have fix rates for such diplomas, higher price of course if a certificate needs to be stamped by certified translator, and have a base rate for paying translator, say at least as per company Price per page.
 Deadlines should be kept strictly by translators, as client cannot wait more in this case, to deposit document to a public service or if a document must go to Court for a process, say certificate of divorce for example. And for all these reasons a good translation company must have a good fame as reliable company for certificate translation, that meets all above requirements for meeting needs of clients, and that is specialized in translation of these documents.

How to learn foreign languages

No matter how much educated one can be, for example one may have degree in Chemistry  or PHD in some field, if one does not speak well at least one foreign language today, or two, will miss  professional opportunities by far. On the contrary one increases his/her own opportunities to find good job, by speaking well at least one language, and this was in the past, today, as things are going with globalization, and development of commerce and international enterprises, one should speak well at least two languages, beating thus competition in professional field..
   Children should start at an early age to learn languages, and parents should push them to that direction. But learn a language, is not just a duty, Children should know in advance the necessity for learning a language, they should moreover love it, and even more be talented for it, or  develop  a talent potentially.
  Learning begins at school age, with pupils and teachers. Their relationship is based on interaction. While teacher gives messages by transferring knowledge , children are like sponges ready to absorb what is offered to them. Knowledge of language is built little by little, We first learn to build phrases and sentences, while expanding vocabulary, and so on, then one discovers his/her knowledge his/her ability to speak one day, and usually children are very happy when they start speaking.
  Another method for learning, mostly for adults is method of self teaching: There are books with grammar and vocabulary, giving us basic knowledge of a language, and making us able to speak to an extent, at first, then it’s up to us to develop our existing knowledge, and go further until learning it well. Then for example we can go and take advanced courses in the country of spoken language, and live for a while. This method presupposes, that we already know at least one language, before and well, otherwise, one should be very talented to be able to be self taught directly from first language and speak.
 Today, with Internet there are sites offering courses of language, any language, either with method of E-learning, providing to students all necessary stuff, this being either content  of E-learning, developed by certified people in a language, or native speakers who also got a degree of their mother tongue, and are trained for this purpose. Or there are sites offering lessons on Skype.
There student has the opportunity to see and listen teacher at the same time, even form distance, from this point of view this kind of learning is equal to face-by face learning, between teacher and student.
Today with development of methods of E-learning, some Institutes, Centers of learning, and Colleges will offer students also, audiovisual stuff, and teleconferences online, apart form content development as an additional support to learning.
  Whatever method one chooses to learn a foreign language, one should first love it, be dedicated and disciplined. A language never ends, even if we become translators some day. It’s  a life process, that may last for our whole life, and still then we won’t be sure to say, we know that language perfectly.. Particularities of grammar, vast vocabulary, idioms etc will make us never to leave or abandon a language, as this language will also abandon us
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Best Translation Company in the world

Translationis very useful mainly nowadays that in almost every sector you need it. Especially with   technology development, commerce, legal culture we need translation more than any other time in the past. Once, translations were done manually, today with computer, and latest technology. That’s why we have an increase of number of translation companies worldwide. There are translation companies almost everywhere in the world, smaller and bigger ones, better and less good ones.

A translation companyfor being good and effective should target at customers. It’s main goal should be find as many potential customers as possible, and keep them, as recurrent ones if possible. For this reason, companies should implement marketing strategies to this goal.

First of all good translation companies should follow a specific process in selecting its translators.

Choice should be based on strict criteria, thus it should develop effectively Human Resources Department that would be responsible for selecting translators. Companies should require from translators to be sufficiently qualified to this direction. Thus criteria is : University degree, proven ability to perform high quality translations and deadlines.

Companies should be strict in deadlines to be able to keep their clients. Everything should target to client satisfaction by all means and to 100%. Also companies should deal in setting the ”ideal ” rates today in a competitive global environment with too many translation companies. At times, companies should also deal in providing translators with software, as some of them nowadays are developing their own software.

  Project Managers are the first who know good use and application of different software when needed. And good translation companies should finally be evolving, thus : Implement other types of  translation as supplementary elements to their business, such as trans creation for example, transliteration, transcription and be informed and trained on all innovative stuff and materials regarding translation..

 Companies should be informed and develop strategies in keeping clients, establish strategies of know-how to find potential customers, establish a good relationship of confidence between them and customers on one hand, and on the other hand between them and translators. They should finally be able to adapt themselves to any changes in the market and new conditions or not being able only to survive in a global environment of competition but also develop further and increase their profits and income.

What is Translation Agency ?

Translation Agencies are agents that deal with translations and clients and are agents between translator and clients offering projects to translators, in several languages.

Today, with Internet, technology development and globalization, there are too many translation agents all over the world. It’s easier to set up a translation agency than any other activity and object of commerce, as you need little equipment in your office only, compared to other kinds of offices, for example you don’t need any stock, only Computer, fax, and phone are the main tools you need, some more things of course, as well as have  VAT number.

The base investment of translation agencies are immobile values, thus active employees to deal with projects and of course capable and active Project Managers to work with projects. Project Managers should have skills on translations, know many languages, and be trained on Project Management also. They should definitely have degree from University, and know in depth enough languages.

They are the intermediate person who will deal with project, do project marketing, often fix rates to give clients and translators. Today with such competition, managers of translation agencies should seek clients, through Internet, any other media, and also try to ”keep” them in company.

Employees deal with answering phones, get applications from translators, deal with any queries of translators and clients while Project Managers will organize whole structure of company, assign projects to translators, and post Projects on internet, by choosing the right translator for each case.

Besides this, they’ll deal with signing contracts with translators as well as permanent clients, while they are also responsible for payments fro clients and translators, and assure their company from all terms financially, thus ensuring payment, will contribute to the good fame of company and financial ”health” to the extent of their responsibility.

Agencies, have to ensure their position in a global environment of competition, always update their policies, by adapting themselves to needs of global market, renew rates and prices and finally be equipped of proper software, and be informed on any innovations of ‘current’ global market of translation.

English to Spanish Language Translation

Spanish is one of the most important languages of the world today, and the first language in number of people and native speakers spoken worldwide. It derives from Latin, this is it’s root is Latin, like also Portuguese and Italian, Romanian and partly French, but it’s considered to deriving directly form Latin more than Italian for example, this means Spanish indeed is the true new Latin.
It has a very vast vocabulary, amounting many more words than other languages, even from all the other Latin languages.
  Since it’s spoken by large numbers of people worldwide, it’s usually encountered in projects of translation and asked in Internet and translation companies. Being the second international established after English, it’s important not only to learn to speak Spanish but also to translate.
 A it’s similar to other (Latin languages, mostly as said) and having common terms with many other European languages, it’s not so difficult to translate correctly, from/to Spanish, though it’s equally difficult to adapt to particularities of Spanish as target language, and a translator, if not native should know it very well as target language, to be able to adapt terms.
 Apart from grammar particularities, it;s difficult to adapt vocabulary,since Spanish has a strict range og choice of vocabulary, and from this point of view,a term usually corresponds strictly to a specific meaning in Spanish.
Furthermore, it’s got the particularity, that in Spanish, more than other languages, there may be two terms for exactly for same meaning, thus word choice may be more difficult, and one should be first fluent phonetically and have strong linguistic abilities, to be able to translate fluently and correctly. This consists in ability, of picking up the right term first, from dictionary, etc, but it also consists in capacity to adapt in the frame of whole text, and rest of meanings, within grammar and syntax.
 So, it;s important for a translator who is not native speaker to be fluent in Spanish orally first, have read books for example, practiced orally or even lived in Spain to be able to translate easily and correctly. It’s a language, that upon translating, one’s mind should work, and be able to ‘guess’ words and meanings before using dictionary.

English to Greek Language Translation

Greek is spoken in Greece and Cyprus and it’s one of the most ancient languages of the world, deriving from Ancient Greek, spoken in Greece thousand years ago.
It’s said it’s a Sanskrit language according to some linguists, according to others, it’s Indian European language. Its main feature are first of all it’s alphabet : Greek has a specific alphabet, like no other language, from this point of view along with Hebrew it’s a totally free, independent language and it does not look like  any other language of the world.  Having derived from Ancient Greek, it accounts today round 120000 words, while other languages reach 70000 words or so. This is due, that Greek has gone transformations throughout centuries, being the first language to which many important manuscripts of ancient years, as well as Christian Gospel were first translated.
  Greek has terms that many other languages have borrowed, from culture and civilization, medicine of Ancient Greece.
These terms are same in other languages, adapted to them, then, it’s easier to translate for ex. Medical texts from Greek to other languages and vice versa as these terms have just adapted in terms of root. However, Greek is not used very much regarding translation and companies throughout the world, or rather was not used much in the past, in the last few decades.
Today, with globalization it’s used more, we thus see texts, projects and tenders wanted throughout Internet, and also due Internet as European Community we see today translations from/to Greek wanted.
   Upon translating from/to Greek, native speakers are preferred, in this language specifically, due to  particularity, independence of language, as vocabulary is Vast and rich, then one who is native could better adjust terms of translation, by understanding meanings better, and since Greek terms are often ambiguous, having to choose among a variety of terms. Native speakers are preferred mostly for target language, being Greek, but also source language Greek is equally important. One should know how to use dictionary, as in this language, more than any other language, each terms corresponds to a specific meaning, thus strong linguistic knowledge and abilities are required in this case.

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